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Dorothy Day Hospitality House

What We Do....

A "typical" day at Dorothy Day House:

At around 5 am the first stirring occurs when the shelter volunteer wakes up and turns on the coffee pot.   Guests wake up at 5:30 and are out of the shelter shortly after 6 am.   The early departure ensures that both guests and volunteers can get to work.

On weekends, breakfast is generally served at the kitchen but otherwise the mornings are quiet.  

Shortly after noon the kitchen crew arrives to prepare lunch.    At 3:15 the doors open and the meal is served.   A complete hot meal is served with salad and dessert.   Guests may take sandwich bags with them when they leave.  We stop serving meals at 4:45 pm and cleanup is usually finished by 5:30, at which time the kitchen crew leaves for the day.

During the winter months, the kitchen reopens around 6 pm and guests can get out of the cold for a few hours. 

At 9 pm, guests gather outside the shelter. The shelter coordinator and shelter volunteer count the guests and open the doors.   Many times there are more than 16 guests seeking shelter. In that case, we try to place the extra guests at the overflow shelter (during the winter months) or Danbury City Shelter.   Sometimes guests need to be turned away because of lack of available beds.  The shelter has separate bathrooms for men and women, and shower facilities. A shelter volunteer does a load of guest laundry before catching a few hours of sleep.

Courtesy: Dorothy Day Hospitality House, Danbury, CT

Dorothy Day Hospitality House
11 Spring Street, Danbury CT
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Phone: (203) 744-6177

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