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This Sunday -- May 13, 2018 -- Mother's DAy

From Reverend Pat Kriss

Today is celebrated in many Christian denominations as Ascension Day – the Thursday when, tradition tells the early Christians, that Jesus left this earth, heaven-bound to God the Creator. It’s no small wonder that this Sunday’ gospel focuses on those last words Christ spoke before he initiated “lift-off.”

Imagine, if you will, being one of the disciples on the mountaintop watching Jesus soaring up, only his feet in sight, until they couldn’t see him at all. And their first question must have been, “NOW WHAT?”

Now what? We’ve had all the instruction we could possibly want. We’ve been told that, in a while, Jesus will send us someone to guide us. But…. seriously. Now what? What do we do in the in-between time?

What’s amazing to us is that things still are in the in-between time. This Sunday we read as Jesus prays to God for us, telling God how he has prepared us for lives of love and peace seeking. But he acknowledges that living these kinds of lives have made the disciples hated by those who get no percentage out of things being peaceful. It’s the same today. As Christians we know how we’re supposed to act, but even if we’re living up to God’s expectations, it doesn’t seem as if what we’re doing changes this confused and violent world. We’ve had a resurrection, and STILL there is hatred. We’ve walked with God himself, and STILL people seek to destroy one another. How are we to trust that things will turn out all right? How are we to trust that we are doing this thing called “life” right?

The truth is, we are surrounded at all times, especially the significant times, with the challenges of “the in-between.” It’s ironic that this Sunday is also Mother’s Day, because there is no state in life more fraught with dealing with “the in-Between” than motherhood. Moms endure 9 months of uncertainty and concern for that little one they haven’t even met. All they can do is “do the right thing.” And after the birth? There is that LONG period of uncertainty that mothers know as “raising a child.” Now what? Am I doing it right? There’s no instruction manual with this kid! Of course, there actually IS an instruction “manual,” and its name is Faith, and the words are written in invisible ink, until each of us views our faith through the lens of Trust. That long-awaited guide for the inbetween period, the Holy Spirit, is present to us in all times of uncertainty as the whispered voice of Wisdom, saying as Jesus did, “Peace Be With You.” As we head into this season of Pentecost, more than ever we need to listen to that voice of Wisdom. Join us this Sunday as we sail on those wings of change. --- Pastor Pat Kriss

And please put on your calendars these important upcoming events:

Friday and Saturday, May 18th and 19th -  our Giant Bag Sale in the Gym.

Sunday May 20th Jazz Sunday

Sunday, May 20th after Worship – Annual Meeting

Sunday, May 20th at 3 pm in the Sanctuary – Children’s Community Chorus Concert


From Jim Moriarty, Director of Music

Because Sunday is Mother’s Day, the choir, whom I want to thank so much for their wonderful harmonies last Sunday, is off as many of the choir members have Mother’s Day plans. There will either be a soloist, duet or possibly a quartet for this Sunday’s service. 

Next Sunday is not only Jazz Sunday and our Annual Meeting, but also the Children’s Community Chorus’ concert at 3pm in our sanctuary.

“Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.” – Sarah Dessen

Jim Moriarty


New!   First Church Knitters Group forming.  We plan on meeting May 21st to knit and crochet at 5:30 pm.  Everyone is welcome. Seasoned knitters and crocheters as well as people who want to learn to knit or crochet. First meeting May 21st at 5:30 pm at church in the parlour. Fellowship and friends meet to Heidi at 204 798 0476 or 203 826 6827 to RSVP. Thanks for your interest!


Youth Group:  Our newly formed Youth Group has decided to meet every other Tuesday at   6 pm on the 3rd floor.   See Pastor Pat or Jay Duhamel for more info.


Deer Hill Thrift Shop:

 Great merchandise, low prices, very friendly staff.

Volunteers urgently needed, especially on Saturdays.  Please call the church office if you can help. Hours:  Friday and Saturday, 9:30 am – 2 pm.

Giant Bag Sale - May 18 & 19 in the Gym  – 9:30 am - 2 pm  – $5/Bag

Needed for Bag Sale: Brown Paper shopping bags with handles – please leave in the church office.


Bible Study - Our next session will be on Monday, April May 14th at 5:30 PM in the parlor off Annie Hall with food available, too. Even if you did not come before, please come and join us (call the church office before the next session so you can be sent the bible passage for that week).  Open to all!


Join the Choir!  Singers are always welcome to join the choir - see Jim Moriarty after worship


To submit article ideas for the website or Facebook, contact Greg Pings:


Help is needed for Coffee Hour - Everything is provided, however, if you would like to bring your own treats, we’re happy to reimburse you for what you spend.  Please contact the church office if you can help.  Thank you.  (203-744-6177)


The Letter Carriers will be collecting non-perishable food items (canned soups, juices, past, cereal, rice) on Saturday, May 12 to help families in need in our community.  You can help by placing your food donations at your mailbox on May 12 before your carrier arrives.  The food will be delivered to area food banks.


The Scholarship Committee invites all members of First Church entering into college, technical school or community college after high school to apply for a Scholarship grant.  These funds are made available through the generous contributions of former and present members of our church.  All who are interested in receiving a scholarship grant must fill out an application form obtained from the church office (or can be emailed to you).  Students are eligible for a grant for a 2-year period.  Grants are awarded on an as needed basis.  The deadline is May 31st.    A high school transcript may be presented with the application.  Completed applications may be faxed to the church at 203-744-4683.


Children’s Community Chorus ♪

Spring Concert

Sunday, May 20, 2018

3 pm

in the Sanctuary

Reception Follows

Plan to attend this great event and

support Pat Moriarty and these talented young people!

E-Tidings Date: 
Thursday, May 10, 2018


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