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Mayor Mark Boughton Shares the Pulpit: Cancer, Fear and Faith

Real Theology Sunday is a time when we talk about and reveal things that we normally don't share with others.

(Posted December 7, 2018)

"Now that I look back, it seems to me that in all that deep darkness a miracle was preparing. So I am right to remember it as a blessed time, and myself as waiting in confidence, even if I had no idea what I was waiting for." -- Marilynne Robinson, author Gilead, 21st century

We've all walked through dark places in our lives. For some of us, it meant facing a potentially fatal diagnosis or dangerous surgery. What does our faith do for us when that happens? This Sunday we will have another Real Theology Sunday -- a time when we talk about and reveal things that we normally don't share with others.

This Sunday I will be sharing the pulpit with Mayor Mark Boughton (photo, right), who just a short time ago, faced the diagnosis of a brain tumor that would require sensitive brain surgery. He will discuss his own faith in the face of fear. Mayor Boughton will be joined in our Coffee Hour by Greg Pings, who will also share his recent journey through learning about oral cancer and enduring the treatment for this disease.  Please do come and support these brave people with your presence. 


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Remembering Kenneth H. Ballard, Jr.

A note of Deep Sadness: we just learned this morning of the death of Ken and Betty Ballard's son, Kenneth H. Ballard, Jr. who has fought a valiant and long battle with cancer, and for whom we as a congregation have been praying for months. May God comfort Ken, Betty and Ken Jr.'s family in this time of emptiness, with the knowledge that he now resides, free from pain, in the presence of God. Funeral arrangements are yet to be confirmed. - Pastor Pat Kriss

November 2: Solidarity Shabbat

(Posted November 1, 2018)

On Friday, November 2, we and everyone who cares about religious freedom and our brothers and sisters throughout the Danbury area are invited to attend a special 7 p.m. Shabbat Service at the United Jewish Center, on Deer Hill. It’s a service of solidarity not only with the congregation of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, but with ALL people who refuse to be broken by hatred. I hope you will join me at this service with so many of different faiths in Danbury. -- Rev. Pat Kriss

From Rev. Pat Kriss: A Moral Response to Hatred

How can Christians work toward resolution to our fractured world?

(Posted November 1, 2018)

Sunday, Nov. 4, is our All Saints Service, along with Communion Sunday. We will be honoring those who have departed our presence during the last year. We’ll remember their goodness and how they were an important part of our community. 

I also think that it’s important that I let my message to you address the issue that weighs heavily on most of us, and that is the hateful way things seem to be going in our country. This is NOT going to be a political discussion, but one about social anxiety and a moral response to hatred. I am using author Ben Sasse’s book, THEM- Why we hate each other and how to heal as a source for examining the ways WE as caring Christians, can work toward some resolution to the fractured world we see about us. 

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Services begin at 10 a.m. EST All are welcome.

AND…. please remember to set your clocks back this weekend, or you’ll be early for Sunday services! - Rev. Pat Kriss


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