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How the Universe Demonstrates the Existence of God

The universe is gorgeous. The universe is very simple, and it didn’t have to be that way.

(Posted March 1, 2019)Rev. Pat Kriss

“We are stars wrapped in skin; the light you are seeking has always been within.”

Probably one of the most mystifying passages in the New Testament is the one we will encounter this Sunday, where Jesus ascends Mount Tabor followed by a small group of disciples. And there on the mountaintop in front of them, he is suddenly and stunningly transformed into a being of pure, supernatural light, with Moses and Elijah at his side. To the modern ear it is a strange-sounding story, one that begs us skeptics to look for a logical explanation for what we are told happens to Jesus.

All Are Welcome

Services begin at 10 a.m. Come worship with us.

We’ve been trained by years of exposure to science to look for that logical explanation, as if the act of not finding one makes our understanding of God and our reality incomplete. But recently one of the most respected scientists today, Michio Kaku, who is the co-founder of String Field Theory, made a statement in which he indicated that his scientific studies had led him to believe that the Universe demonstrates the existence of God. It was immediately misinterpreted that Dr. Kaku had said that he had proven the existence of God, but this is not what he said. However, out there in the vastness of space where billions of galaxies and solar system spew out their brilliant light, he has found some answers. He prefers the explanation that Einstein gave, that basically, there are two manifestations of “god”: One is a personal God, the one you pray to, the God that walks on water. But there’s another God, that he calls the god of Spinoza, and that’s the god of beauty, harmony, simplicity.

Dr. Kaku has learned this from his decades of scientific studies. “The universe is gorgeous. The universe is very simple, and it didn’t have to be that way,” he notes. “The universe could have been random. It could have been ugly. it could have been a random collection of electrons and photons. No life, no vitality, nothing interesting at all. But our universe is rich; it is beautiful, elegant. And you can summarize most of the laws of physics on one sheet of paper.” It is in its simplicity that Dr. Kaku finds the “fingerprint” of an overarching, governing, unifying intelligence that speaks to an existence many of us sense, but find it impossible to articulate. And this is why, I believe, that science and religion are not competing entities, but partners in the quest not only to know, but to honor the one we call God the Creator. Join us this Sunday when we look for God’s supernatural fingerprints that surround us, and even which dwell within us in that ineffable Light of our spirits. 

An Evening of Piano and A Cappella

Piano virtuoso Ferdy Talon and Yale’s Spizzinks to perform at First Church Danbury

(Posted on March 1, 2019)

Save the date: Saturday, March 30, beginning at 7 p.m. One fantastic concert featuring two wonderful performances.

Piano virtuoso, Ferdy Talon, (right) will perform works from Chopin, Ligeti, and Liszt. Ferdy has shared his talents throughout the world, as well at First Church. We look forward to his return!

Performing in the second half of this fabulous evening of music is the world renowned Yale men’s a cappella group, the Spizzwinks (left).They, too have performed here at First Church. Their wit, humor and excellent blend of voices will leave you smiling and humming a tune by the end of the concert.

Tickets will be available at the door for $10.

Candlelight Ash Wednesday Service

All are welcome to begin their Lenten journey with us.

(Posted March 4, 2019)

More information about 2019 Lenten and Easter services are available here.

Ash Wednesday will be observed on March 6 at 7 p.m. at the First Congregational Church of Danbury’s Annie Orr Hall, which is located in the annex behind the sanctuary. 

Pastor Pat Kriss will lead this candlelight worship service, and Rev. Stephen Tickner – Pastor of the Central Christian Church -- will co-officiate. Reverends Pat and Stephen will offer ashes and blessings. Guitarist Doug Hartline and Music Director Jim Moriarty will provide music.  

The service will be based on the Taize style, which is characterized by repetitive singing of simple harmonized tunes, interspersed with readings, prayers, and periods of silence.


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