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This Sunday -- May 21, 2017 -- Jazz Sunday

New Members – Annual Meeting after Worship

From Pastor Pat Kriss

“I will not leave you orphaned; I am coming to you. In a little while the world will no longer see me, but you will see me; because I live, you also will live.” – Jesus at the Last Supper

It’s the season of graduations and of confirmations, and the start of the season of weddings. No matter the occasion, May is a time of celebration of things coming to an end, but also of beginnings. Hidden behind those beginnings is an anxious question: NOW What??

“It used to be that I was a student. And I got being a student down fairly well, and my parents did as well. But now? What do I do now? How do I get a job? How do I live like an adult?”

“It used to be that I was a kid in Church. My parents took me. The Church School helped me to know about Jesus. But now I’m a teen. And now I am confirmed, an adult in the eyes of my church. But I have all these questions, all these doubts. How do I live like a Christian, if I know what that means?”

“It used to be that I had my life all planned out. A job. A place to live. A bunch of friends. But then I fell in love and gave a part of myself to a wonderful person. We’re getting married. How will I do a good job of being married? What will our future together hold? NOW What??”

The bottom line is, we humans are not very good living with change, even when that change may very well bring good things. Jesus acknowledged this on the night of the Last Supper, when he knew he had to give up his life in order for us to live eternally. Jesus knew that his disciples were used to having things just as they had been, with him in sight to give them guidance, to tell them it would be all right. But the time had come for the disciples to stop living like followers and start acting like a Church. Church, by definition is “a body of believers.” On the occasion of this Sunday’ Gospel, Jesus tells the apostles that it’s time to stop being followers and to start being believers. Live what you have been taught. Know that, even without a formal place of worship, you are one body. Believe that, even though Jesus is not visible, he will send the Holy Spirit to bring you wisdom, and a path into a very bright future. Above all, do not give up. You are not orphans, but you are graduating to a new understanding of who you are.

Quite candidly, these words are just as vital for the church today as it was yesterday. We need to act like believers, believing that God WILL forge a path for our futures even though we might not see it at the moment. Now is not the time for panic, but for coming together for good.  – Pastor Pat Kriss


A Formal Welcome and Congratulations to our new members! This Sunday we will officially welcome 8 new members of First Church.  All of our new members have been consistently attending for some time, but we hadn’t extended the invitation to membership until recently. So thank you for becoming a part of this church family! – Pastor Pat


From Jim Moriarty , Director of Music

This coming Sunday is Jazz Sunday. Doug Hartline, on guitar, along with his ensemble and the beautiful voice of Ginny Hull Hartline will lead the congregation in song.

A correction of last week’s E-Tidings: June 18, 2017 is the last Jazz Sunday until September.

I would like to thank the sanctuary choir for sharing all their wonderful musical talents during last Sunday’s service.

Joy through music,

Jim Moriarty


Bible Study -  Our next session will be on Tuesday, May 30th  at 6 PM in the parlor off Annie Hall with food available, too. Even if you did not come to the last session, please come and join us (call the church office before the next session so you can be sent the bible passage for that week).


Deer Hill Thrift Shop is open every Friday and Saturday 9:30am – 2pm.

Volunteers always welcome! 


 To submit article ideas for the website or Facebook, contact Greg Pings:


The Scholarship Committee invites all members of First Church entering into college, technical school or community college after high school to apply for a Scholarship grant.  These funds are made available through the generous contributions of former and present members of our church.  All who are interested in receiving a scholarship grant must fill out an application form obtained from the church office (or can be emailed to you).  Students are eligible for a grant for a 2-year period.  Grants are awarded on an as needed basis.  The deadline is May 30th.    A high school transcript may be presented with the application.  Completed applications may be faxed to the church at 203-744-4683.


ARC 13th Annual Interfaith Peace Camp for children – registration is now open.  July 17-21, 9 am-3pm.  Contact the church office for more information and registration form.


The Danbury Hospital Faith Community Nurse Program is offering a program:  Opioid Addiction: Awareness, Prevention, and Treatment.  Tues, May 23, 7-8 pm at the Goldstone Caregiver Center, Main Lobby.  RSVP to Lynn Crager 203-739-7885.

E-Tidings Date: 
Friday, May 19, 2017


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