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This Sunday -- January 14, 2018

This Sunday – Communion & Baptism

Next Sunday, January 21, 2018 -- Annual Budget Meeting After Worship


From Rev. Pat Kriss

January 12, 2018- The Watershed Moment

After the storms of the past couple of weeks my car has become somewhat of a rolling mudball from all of the road grit and salt used to treat the roads. Probably because I’m acutely aware that it needs to take a trip to the car wash soon, over the past few days while driving to the church I started to notice other cars and their relative state of dirtiness. Virtually none of them were immaculately clean, save one or two I saw while waiting at the stoplight. They’d already been through the wash. All else wore a veil, thin or thick, of debris that testified to weary trips through storms along the way.

The road grime became kind of an equalizer among us all. People who drove new status-y cars like Mercedes and Lexuses were the same ashen hue as the older model Dodges and Toyotas they share the road with.

When I got to the office and read this Sunday’s gospel, the one from Mark where Jesus voluntarily comes to the Jordan River to be baptized among all the other people lined up there, it occurred to me that the moment certainly was, in terms of faith, a “watershed moment,” a turning point in the history of humankind. And in terms of traveling life’s highways, the people assembled there with Jesus were, spiritually, veiled in various layers of grit from the road and eager to be washed clean of their sins. Yet Jesus, already free of sin, voluntarily stood with them to be immersed in the Jordan. Why? Certainly it was in part because by doing so he was making a statement about choosing to be as equal and as human as the rest of us. But also he did so because the act of baptism is more than a cleansing alone. The waters of Baptism are a “sealing in” of the mark of faith. A “simonizing,” if you will, that affixes our spiritual identities and helps us cast off the future muddy spray from the road that lies ahead.

This Sunday we will be baptizing an infant boy into our covenant and our church. His head will be dampened by the waters from a bowl that every person has been christened over in this church since 1753. Some of us may wonder what sins we are possibly washing away in a little one who hasn’t even “hit the road” yet. But, again, Baptism is more than a cleansing. It is a polishing of our identity. It is a fortification against future challenges in life that is made by the promises that his parents, godparents and we as a covenanted congregation make to God and to him. It is our commitment to him, and a reminder of that time we emerged from the waters, new people. I hope you will join us this Sunday for the Baptism and on this Communion Sunday, when we remember our own baptism and receive the nourishment that Jesus established as food for the road. --- Pastor Pat Kriss

An additional pastoral note: I will be going in for shoulder surgery on January 25, and if all goes according to plan, only out of the pulpit for two Sundays. Your prayers in advance for swift healing would be much appreciated.


From Jim Moriarty, Director of Music

The Community Children's Chorus will begin to meet on February 20th, Tuesday afternoon at 4:30. Pre-rehearsal snacks are available for the children.  Their Winter Concert was a real treat, with great pop musical selections! If your child likes to sing they should come and check out this chorus! To participate please contact the church office @ 203-744-6177 and leave a contact name and number.

As for my terrific choir, I want to thank them for all the uplifting music during the Advent Season. If you would like to be a member of the choir, please see me after a Sunday service, or phone the office and leave a contact number. We resume singing on January 28.

This Sunday Cheryl Hill, our soprano section leader, will lead us musically. She'll also being singing a special arrangement of a well-known spiritual in conjunction with both the sermon message and in celebration of Martin Luther Jr. Holiday.

Next Sunday, is our first Jazz Sunday of the New Year. Doug Hartline with his creative guitar arrangements and his wife's lovely voice will lead us musically.

Peace and Joy through music,

Jim Moriarty


Youth Group:  Our newly formed Youth Group has decided to meet every other Tuesday at   6 pm on the 3rd floor.   See Pastor Pat for more info.


Deer Hill Thrift Shop: 

Great merchandise, low prices, very friendly staff.

Volunteers urgently needed, especially on Saturdays.  Please call the church office if you can help. Hours:  Friday and Saturday, 9:30 am – 2 pm.

Bible Study - Our next session will be on Monday, January 22nd  at 5:30 PM in the parlor off Annie Hall with food available, too. Even if you did not come before, please come and join us (call the church office before the next session so you can be sent the bible passage for that week).  Open to all!

Children’s Community Chorus  will begin February 20th and meets every Tuesday at 4:30 pm. Open to All Children – Elementary & Middle School Age – no charge, non-religious, limited enrollment. To sign up or for more info: or call the church office.

Join the Choir!  Singers are always welcome to join the choir - see Jim Moriarty after worship

To submit article ideas for the website or Facebook, contact Greg Pings:

The Dorothy Day Overflow Shelter continues in our gym.  We welcome our homeless guests and the volunteers who staff the shelter every night throughout the winter season.  Needed are donations of ramen noodle soup cups and hot cocoa mix.  They may be left in the church office.
E-Tidings Date: 
Friday, January 12, 2018


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